Keeping you safe and making others around you feel safe through innovative measures.

  • Verified COVID-19 Status
    Verified COVID 19 Status

    If you took a COVID test, verify it through your APP and show it on your band giving peace of mind to people around you.

    Predictive Contact Tracing
    Predictive Contact Tracing

    Keep a track of new contacts over a period of time. See where you have accumulated the most new close contacts, which could increase your risk.

    Health Diagnostics Indicator
    Health Diagnostics Indicator

    Monitor daily health diagnostics. Find health concerns before your doctor can, and notify your direct contacts so that they can be on the lookout for themselves.

    LED Indicators
    LED Indicators

    Clearly visible social acceptance LED indicator of COVID-19, daily health status and Social Risk Score. Feel safe and make others around you feel safe.

    Social Distancing Notification
    Social Distancing Notification

    Detects proximity to other new users and notifies if CDC recommended social distance is breached.

    Patented Risk Score Indicator
    Patented Risk Score Indicator

    Detailed analytics of your social patterns and risk to exposure profile, with simple, predictive guidance to build habits for the 'new normal'.

  • Hand Wash Reminder
    Hand Wash Reminder

    Your Unity Band reminds you to wash your hands when it’s been a while. It also gives you a gentle tap when you wash as per CDC guidelines.

    Complete Privacy
    Complete Privacy

    Your Information belongs to you, stays with you and is not seen by anyone else but you. All personal identifiers are scrubbed before using data for any analytics. If you still feel insecure, everything that you share on your band and app is optional without compromising the functionality.

    Analytics to pre-detect COVID-19
    Analytics to pre-detect COVID-19

    We have predictive analytics that have the power to detect COVID-19 before symptoms show up with high accuracy.

  • Business Integration
    Business Integration

    Helping other businesses to maximize occupancy by using the latest Medical Information, AI and Data Analytics.

    Sleek Patented Design
    Sleek Patented Design

    Easy snap on design that can be worn with or without other wearables.

    Groups Functionality
    Groups Functionality

    Closed groups feature that works on a patented algorithm. Meet friends, family and colleagues, or make new friends without fear of exposure, using our ground breaking degrees of separation technology.


    See real time and future forecast for crowds and risk profile for points of interest and public places so that you can plan your day accordingly.

    Face Touch Alert
    Face Touch Alert

    Get alerted through gentle tap whenever you touch your face and gradually develop the habit of not touching your face excessively.

    Updated List of test locations
    Updated List of test locations

    Find your nearest test location and make an appointment right from the APP.


Revolutionary technology that moves with your every move.



Remember the good old days when you could travel, go out to eat with friends or even hug your loved ones? Well now you can again!
Go out to your favorite places with comfort and peace of mind.

  • Connected


    Restaurants, Parks, Movie Theaters, Sport Arenas, Concerts, Bars, Beaches

  • Community


    Places of Worship, Parks, Schools, Colleges, Assisted Living

  • Work


    Offices, Factories, In-person meetings

  • Hospitals, pharmacies, assisted living


    Hospitals, Clinics, Doctor’s Office

  • Travel and Hospitality


    Airports, Airplanes, Trains, Buses, Hotels

  • Retail Services

    Retail & Services

    Grocery Stores, Malls, Banks, Drug Stores, Salons, Product Delivery, Food Delivery

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frequently asked questions

Can Unity Band be worn with my other health and fitness trackers?

Unity Band is designed to be worn with or without a conventional fitness tracker. Unity Band’s functionalities vary from general health and fitness trackers that track general health vitals. Unity Band’s sleek patented design snaps onto an individual’s wrist and can be worn with or without other wearables.

What devices is Unity Band App compatible with? How many devices can connect to the App?

Unity Band is compatible to most Android and IOS based phones. Unity Band and the App is unique to the individual wearing the band, however a user can have multiple bands, and data from all bands will seamlessly stitch to create a single user profile. You can also include as many friends, family members and coworkers you want through your personalized Groups function. If you decide to give your band away it can be reset to the new user.

How can I pair my other health and fitness trackers with the Unity Band App?

Only the Unity Band device has the ability to sync to the Unity Band mobile App.

Where can I download the Unity Band App?

The Unity Band mobile application can be found on both Apple and Android App stores.

Is there any compatibility with PC?

At this time, the Unity Band App can only be found on mobile devices. Desktop capabilities will be available at a later date.

Is this device just for COVID-19?

Unity Band has been designed and invented specifically for COVID-19 as we strongly believe the impact of COVID-19 is here to stay. It is the only smart wearable that has numerous features and functionalities to allow individuals and groups to adjust to the 'new normal' that COVID-19 has created, as the virus has impacted many different facets of our lives today. However, our development team continues to add features on a regular basis which will go beyond fighting just COVID-19.

Does Unity Band provide contact tracing?

Yes, Unity Band maintains a trace of close contacts and users will get notified on potential exposure. Our machine learning engine continuously evolves its definition of a contact, without inundating the system with risk-free encounters. All information stored is completely de-identified and is purely to create a social and risk pattern. The Unity Band App traces your interactions and stores the information for up to 12 months to keep you informed of any past risky interactions.

How does Unity Band help prevent COVID-19 infection and spread?

Unity Band’s device has multiple features that work together to prevent COVID-19’s infection and spread, including:

  • Verified COVID-19 Status: Clearly visible social acceptance LED indicator of COVID-19 from the user so that individuals around him/her are aware and can social distance.
  • Predictive Contract Tracing: The device maintains a database of close contacts and users will get notified on potential exposure.
  • Health Diagnostics Check-in: Users have a daily health check-in. Based on an AI based predictive algorithm, Unity Band can alert users up to 5 days in advance of a likely infection and to get tested for COVID-19.
  • Social Distancing Notification: Enhanced Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to accurately calculate distance and notify users.
  • Patented Risk Score Indicator: A score tailored to the user’s social behavior.
  • Habit forming features: Unity Band reminds users to wash their hands and also gives them a gentle tap when they wash as per CDC guidelines. The device also sends gentle tap alerts when users touch their faces and if social distancing is breached based on proximity to other users.
  • Daily reminders and guidance: From advice on how to reduce risk based on past patterns, to guidance on possible exposure, Unity Band will keep you informed to adjust to the 'new normal'.

What is a Social Score and how does it help mitigate my risk of both infection and spread?

A Social Score is created from detailed analytics of a user’s social patterns and risk to exposure based on their profile, with simple, predictive guidance that will allow them to build habits as they adjust to the new normal.

Can I connect the App with my contact list on my phone?

Yes, you can connect the App with your contact list on your phone if the other contact is signed up to Unity Band using that phone number. You can also create groups with other Unity Band users.

How can Unity Band find health concerns before a doctor can?

Unity Band is not a medical device. If a user diligently uses the App to input information, the predictive analytics can trace your exposure and connect your risk factors alerting the user to take necessary next steps. Our team of Epidemiologists, Data Scientists and Doctors are continuously working on fine tuning our model to predict COVID-19 accurately.

Can I get a real-time look at where I should be avoiding to mitigate risk?

Maps are updated in real-time, based on existing records of where contamination has been found. When you open the map on the mobile App, you’ll see real time density, the nearest test sites to book appointments, real-time location based risk scores and first and third-party location-based stats.

How does the Hand Wash Reminder work?

Using state of the art gyrometric technology, machine learning and predictive analytics, Unity Band will recognize when you’re washing your hands and the 20 second timer will activate immediately. Once the 20 seconds are up, you’ll feel a tap (vibration) to let you know when you’ve thoroughly washed your hands.

What happens if I’ve accidentally touched my face?

Relying on the same gyrometric technology, the Unity Band will automatically recognize when your hands are in the motion to touch your face. An alarm will alert you when you get too close, reminding you to avoid touching your face.

Are there any other features I can utilize in the App?

The Unity Band App will become your daily check-in to help mitigate risk while you’re away from the house. It includes charts to notify you how many people near you have been tested - whether positive or negative, group settings so you can make smarter decisions on who to physically interact with, safe location searches to make sure you’re staying away from COVID hot spots and conduct your own self diagnostic to make sure you’re staying as healthy as possible.

How can I use and wear the Unity Band wearable device?

Unity Band’s sleek patented design snaps onto an individual’s wrist and can be worn with or without other wearables. It’s also device-agnostic and can connect to Apple and Android devices where the user can access all features and functionalities.

Can I give my Unity Band to someone else?

Yes you can give your Unity Band to someone else but it needs to be reconfigured to the new user in order to have accurate information and proper risk evaluations. Until a Unity Band is disconnected from your profile, no one else can use it

Is there a right or wrong way to wear the device?

Unity Band is a wearable device and should be worn on the user’s wrist with the logo facing upwards and the strap towards the bottom of wrist.

Will there be any future integrations to look out for?

Yes, Unity Band is working hard to add new functions and additional smart integrated devices, which will soon be available.

The App isn’t responding to my device. How can I fix this?

Please ensure your Unity Band is charged and your phone’s Bluetooth is switched on. If the problem still persists, please contact customer service which will be happy to help you troubleshoot the issues.

My Unity Band isn’t changing colors. What does this mean?

Unity Band LED colors are controlled by the software. LED changes color when a significant status change happens, such as testing positive for COVID-19.

My device isn’t charging. How can I fix this?

Please ensure your device is properly connected to the magnetic charging port. If the problem still persists, please contact customer service which will be happy to help you troubleshoot the issues.

I washed my hands longer than 20 seconds, and I’m not being notified.

Unity Band takes up to 10 days to recognize the right pattern to reduce false alarms. Please contact customer service which will be happy to help you troubleshoot the issue if the problem still persists.

I touched my face and I’m not being notified.

Unity Band takes up to 10 days to recognize the right pattern to reduce false alarms. Please contact customer service which will be happy to help you troubleshoot the issue if the problem still persists.

What’s included in my Unity Band order?

One Unity Band package includes the Unity Band, the accompanying charger and quick setup instructions. The App must be downloaded on your mobile device separately.

What’s Unity Band’s return policy?

We are happy to accept returns of a defective product. The product must be in the same condition as was received. In the age of COVID-19, used devices will not be returnable. Please contact Customer Service for further support.

How can I cancel my Unity Band order?

Once an order is shipped you will have to wait to receive the package and then ship it back to us. Customer Service will be happy to help you with the process.

Can I make changes to my Unity Band order?

Once an order is placed you have 24 hours to cancel or change your order. Once an order is shipped you will have to wait to receive the package and then ship it back to us. If you wish to order more Unity Bands, you should place a new order at this time.

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Coronavirus Disease of 2019.

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Self-Monitoring Analysis And Reporting Technology.

A process of learning about, accepting, and adapting to an innovation.

Working environment at a company and encompasses all factors that impact the safety, health, and well-being of employees

Keeping a safe space of at least 6 feet between yourself and other people who are not from your household

Measurements of the body's most basic functions. Vital signs are useful in detecting or monitoring medical problems

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